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PDN’s ready for integration Updated 20-12-2017 01:48
Located in the 5th group seaport system with convenient location in the southern key economic area, Dong Nai Port Joint Stock Company (PDN) plays a special role in supporting the needs of transporting im-exported goods by waterway, roadway for provincial enterprises. Till the end of 2017, PDN has successfully completed its mission, continuing to affirm its position as one of the key links in provincial logistics supply chain and Southern area.

​Promoting internal resources for sustainable development
With the goal of non-stopped innovation, development and international integration, PDN is always interested in improving service quality and investing infrastructure at two Branches - Long Binh Tan Port and Go Dau Port, making conveniences for goods transshipment to industrial zones in Dong Nai, Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. So far, PDN has invested the ICD system, warehouse and yard at Long Binh Tan Port and Go Dau Port with total area of 72,7 hectares, including 8 berths having capable of receiving vessels from 5.000 DWT to 30.000 DWT, the inland and bonded warehouse system with total area of 21.250 m2. PDN has also put into operation with full capacity of existing berths and handling equipment, including two fixed Liebherr cranes with the lifting capacity of 40 tons and 29.5 m reach; 01 Macgregor crane with the lifting capacity of 40 tons and 30m reach at Long Binh Tan Port; a rail crane located on 30.000 DWT berth at Go Dau Port. 
It is expected in 2018, with the strategy of being a logistics center of the Southeast provinces, PDN is planning to complete upgrading berth A3 (capable of 20.000 DWT) and berth B3 (capable of 30.000 DWT) in order to put into operation as of the 2nd quarter of 2018, invest another 30.000 DWT berth with additional equipment at Go Dau Port and expand more 50m long for existed berth at Long Binh Tan Port to strengthen goods receivable after the ICDs located in HCMC being moved out of city center, increase the capable of new goods resource operation from neighboring industrial zones to meet cargo volume through ports, minimize costs and time for customers using PDN services.

Development’s ready for integration
Nowadays, in accordance with the world’s tendency, European customers as well as large economic corporations have concerned about the environment. Therefore, energy saving, which is one of the integration’s general criteria, has also been improved by PDN. During the past years, port development and investment projects have been designed and built in the direction of saving energy, minimizing bad effect to environment. PDN has been continuing to expand its network among logistics enterprises to provide a completed supply chain for cargo transshipment, timely and flexibly responding to customer needs. In 2017, many international economic agreements were signed by the government and gradually put into effect with many strict requirements forcing Vietnamese enterprises to implement, PDN isn’t exception. In order to create a sustainable development for integration, the changes in management, technology, equipment and human resources have been carried out by PDN to be suitable with general trend, bringing sustainable value and positive promotion for enterprises’ business.

With the investment in modern equipment and human resources training, PDN has always completed the yearly targets, striving to become a strong brand in the 5th group seaport system, promoting the capacity and efficiency in business and production in accordance with the general direction of the country and the region.

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