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PDN’s activities review for the first 6 months, deploying tasks for the last 6 months of 2017 Updated 31-07-2017 08:19
On the afternoon of July 28th 2017, Dong Nai Port Joint Stock Company (PDN) held a meeting to summarize the production and business activities for the first six months, deploying tasks for the last 6 months of 2017 in Vung Tau. Attending the meeting were the Chairman of Management Board and members of the BOD, Trade Union Chairman, the Secretary of the Union, the Directors/ Deputy Directors of the departments together with other Chief/ Deputy Chief of Sections under the control of General Director Nguyen Ngoc Tuan.

​In the meeting,  the results of production and business activities for the first 6 months were reported, deploying tasks for the last 6 months of 2017. All departments also reported the results of implementation on each field work.

In the first 6 months of 2017, the general economic difficulties as well as the complicated change of climate and the marine environment has impacted on operations. Together with the support from the provincial authorities, PDN Board of Directors has had a close and decisive direction, promoting strength of the staffs to fulfill their assigned duties, carrying out social work held by Sonadezi Corporation, jointly support the poor families in Dong Nai Province. 
BOD and Leaders at the meeting
For the achievement of half way of 2017, PDN has achieved and exceeded production targets given by Mother Company (Sonadezi Corporation). Specifically, the general cargoes reached 3.050.000 tons, exceeding 42% compared with the same period; Container Operation reached 181.107 Teu, exceeding 2% compared with the same period. Total revenue in the first 6 months reached VND 244.705 million, gaining 55,6% of the plan and exceeding 29,7% over the same period; Profit before tax was VND 46.180 million, reaching 64.1% of the plan and 42% over the same period. The results of the first six months of the year have brought many positive and promising hopes of BOD and staffs for reaching and exceeding the targets given by Shareholders and Sonadezi Corporation in 2017.
To complete the task in the last 6 months of 2017, PDN aims to focus on some basic tasks such as: Improving the services quality provided to customers; Working with Departments to apply for the right turning to Long Binh Tan Port, upgrading wharves A3 and B3 at Go Dau Port; Continuing to apply information technology for improving operation, business and customer services; Carrying out the instructions of the Government and PDN to ensure security and environmental hygiene in the province as well as improving the material and spiritual life for staffs.

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